Launch17 blended their passion with ours to realize our vision and bring our organic teas to market.
They guided us through every step resulting in exactly what we needed for our intial launch.

— Julia Sackis, Founder Vida Organic Wellness

Packaged Teas

Scope of Work

  • Brand Identity
  • Package Design
  • Print Communications

Vida organic is an established wellness spa in
Seal Beach, California. For years they have helped
their clients relax, refresh with their wide
variety of wellness therapies, and organic
vegan products.

Eventually, the spa wanted to conveniently package the tea blends and make them available to others outside of a spa visit. Previously the organic herbs were blended into teas for a specific benefit and flavor, on an as needed basis.


The collaboration between our team and the client resulted in an upscale and versatile packaging system that works well for food service and retail customers. Our client was able to kick off the product line in a legitimate, professional format and was enthusiastically accepted by retail and food service buyers. As well as an immediate increase in retail sales in her own spa.