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Branding a commodity with storytelling.

I admit it, “storytelling” has become a clichéd marketing term. But here’s a case study where storytelling was the appropriate choice to help brand a commodity product. There was a family owned seafood company


If any of you have children, you may have observed that sometimes they Universal Product Codes (UPC) are on just about every retail item in the US, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

If any of you have children, you may have observed that sometimes they are more fascinated with a box from a packaged toy then the toy itself. There’s something about cardboard boxes that spark

Print still works.

I’ve often heard it said that all you need is a website and strong social media for marketing. That’s true, those are necessary. But I believe that there are advantages with tangible print material

Welcoming warnings.

As we all grapple with this new COVID-19 world, I was asked to join a group of designers and illustrators to find a way to contribute. With the quick shift in how business is

Eight tips to successful shelf appeal.

Everyone is excited about your new product packaging launch, but have you seen it on a retail store shelf yet? Here are eight tips for test driving your new packaging in the retail environment.