Case Study – Complement Cannabis

CASE STUDY | Complement Cannabis

Launch17 quickly understood the brand experience we were pursuing within the cannabis sector. The result was a versatile brand and packaging system that is not only attractive but sustainable for our growth.

Krishna Bhakta, Founder Complement Cannabis

Scope of Work

  • Naming
  • Brand Identity
  • Merchandising
  • Package Design
  • Print Communications
  • Swag


In the fast-growing cannabis industry, there are a lot of choices that can be confusing to the consumer.

The client came to us with a unique approach and product idea. While most products being sold at dispensaries these days are boasting their high THC potency, this client wanted to offer something different – cannabis products with a lower potency – so that users can enjoy social activities without finding themselves melting into the couch.

We were tasked with naming the company and product line and to develop a brand image that would reflect the unique characteristics of these products on packaging, website, point purchase materials, and printed materials.

Many ideas were explored, and the name Complement Cannabis emerged to reflect how these products can complement, rather than impede your lifestyle.

The targeted consumer is someone that may be new to using recreational cannabis or had experiences many years ago when the cannabis strains were quite different than they are today.

Clichéd imagery often associated with cannabis was intentionally avoided. The desire was for a clean look but without getting too pharmaceutical. Active lifestyle imagery was also used to communicate that these products induced a lighter, enjoyable high, that enhances social activities

Creative Director: Jeff Barton
Designer: Gary Zdenek
Writer/Naming: Mike Smith

complement packaging

the process

We led the client through our process that included concepts for naming, visual strategy, branding, prototyping, and market materials.

Preliminary Concepts.