Print still works.

I’ve often heard it said that all you need is a website and strong social media for marketing. That’s true, those are necessary. But I believe that there are advantages with tangible print material in the mix along with digital marketing.

Our firm focuses mainly on package design so much of our work is designing for print. From corrugated boxes to shiny flexible pouches. But many of our clients ask us for a wholistic approach to their branding needs which often includes traditional printed items like brochures, stickers, sell sheets, folders, business cards, and even letterhead.

One common request is for a brochure. And even though most of our client’s product information is online, they still have occasions for a tangible printed brochure that’s left behind in their consumer’s hands. 

A good merchandising tool.
Those that sell their product on e-commerce sites, find it convenient to include one of these compact brochures with their shipments. Producers of organic and natural products that are available at retail boutiques or spas, find that they are a good merchandising tool at the point of purchase. Lately, we have found that a small booklet. It’s become a hybrid of a pamphlet and a brochure that gives just enough information to pique the interest of today’s consumer with a short attention span. And to point to the website for more detail info, once interest is piqued.

Three examples.
Pictured here are three examples of 12 to 16-page booklets, all 6 x 6 inches in size. 

Organic Teas. This a purveyor that sells fine organic loose-leaf tea in retail boutiques, spas, and hotels. The booklets are displayed on the shelves with the products as a merchandising vehicle for more information and drives consumers to their website.

Cannabis Product producer that distributes to dispensaries. Typically, cannabis suppliers leave a short stack of promotional materials at the entrance and exits of dispensaries with more product information for consumers.

Organic Skincare line that sells through e-commerce and in regional boutiques. The booklets are included in the shipped package and enhances the un-boxing experience. They also display the booklets in boutiques where the products are sold to provide more information for the consumers and to drive them their website.

It’s still a digital world.
Even though the finished product is a tangible piece that is printed on paper, digital technology helps us along the way. Artwork is designed on a computer, then digitally transferred to the printer for digital production and printing. 

Flexible and economical.
The digital process allows for the flexibility for updates and revisions as needed and it’s economical to print in small quantities of perhaps 500, or 1,000. 

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