Four questions about branding COVID-19 masks.

I’ve noticed a lot of face masks with various logos on them and started to become curious about how people are expressing themselves through the masks they wear. I also realized I needed a few more masks, since the recommendation is that you use a new one each time you go out, until you can wash them thoroughly. What masks do I want to wear in public and do I care about what messages, or brands that are right on my face?  Should companies consider creating a mask with their brand?

What message does it send when your brand is on a face mask? 
Providing masks with your brand/logo on them does not mean that you are self-serving during this time of crisis. It positions your brand has one that cares. Though these masks do not protect our self, they do protect and put others first. To most, that is a positive message.

Who should you offer your branded mask to and for what purpose?Employees that care about their safety—inside and outside—of the work environment.

For customers, it is a tangible and actionable way of reinforcing that “we’re all in this together”. 

Distributors and sales reps that are essential to your business are in high exposure areas and even if they don’t wear your branded mask when stocking your product, they may use it for personal errands, and you are supporting their health and safety.

If you’re are wearing a branded mask and its an attractive design, it becomes a brand ambassador. In fact, the other day my wife was walking our dog, wearing one of our client’s masks that we designed, and was stopped on the street from someone asking where she got the mask and how could they get one. 

Should you sell or give away masks with your brand on it?
That is an individual company choice. There are many companies selling their masks and others giving them away as a promotion with purchases, or as a thank you to their employees, customers, distributors and sales reps. Even to family and friends.

Where do I get masks with my brand on it? 
There are numerous online sources now where you can order customized masks in fairly low quantities at reasonable prices. 

Wearing masks that protect others from the spread of COVID-19 is going to be with us for a while, so if you are part of the community of the Natural and Better-For-You industry, why not show that you care about the health and safety of us all.

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