4 key questions for finding the right creative source for your brand packaging.

Everyone is excited about your new product packaging launch, but have you seen it on a retail store shelf yet? Here are eight tips for test driving your new packaging in the retail environment.

So, you are about ready to launch your product into the orbit of retail grocery world. By now, you’ve no doubt spent countless hours of developing your product and its brand packaging. However, there is one last stop on the way to success—a trip to the store. 

If you need creative help to brand your product or design your packaging, there are several paths that you can take. Even when budget is a big consideration, there is a wide range of options. 

  •  Family members 
  •  Students
  •  Individual freelance designers 
  •  Small and large creative agencies           

So you can start out using that family member who has an artistic flair. Now I’m not knocking any of your family members, but there could be some strong reasons why this might not be the best approach.

Here’s why. You most likely have made a lot of decisions reviewing your packaging as it sits on the conference room table, but now it’s time to see how your packaging really stacks up against your competition on a retail store shelf, as part of an end cap display, or in a freezer case. It’s there, where the truth is revealed. 

It’s often suggested that a design student from your local university would be an economical solution to getting your logo design along with other creative work. But it is important to realize that students have a lot on their plate. From class projects and a social life, to work schedules. Plus, they most likely do not have the experience with creating the digital artwork required by packaging manufacturers. So, it would depend upon how tight your schedule is, and the degree of expertise required, if you want to pursue student help.

Depending upon the size of your project, there are a lot of very talented individual freelance creative people that might be the right fit for you.

Creative firms such as advertising agencies or design firms can offer a lot of services and may have deep resources to handle a broad scope of your needs.

Whether you’re hiring for creative capabilities to work within your organization, or you’re searching to outsource creative help, here are four key questions to consider that could help you navigate the creative process:

1.   How well do they understand the challenges that are unique to your industry?

       –   Do they understand the merchandising environment?

       –   How’s their knowledge of materials and processes?

       –   What is their workflow strategy?

2.   How do you perceive their creativity? 

       –   Is it conservative? Is it progressive or edgy? Does it align with the vision of your brand?

       –   Have they done similar projects to what you are looking for? However, if you are packaging and selling almonds, they don’t necessarily need to have experience with “almond” packaging, but there should be a good indication within their work that they can solve your problem without much of a stretch.

3.   How do they work?

       –   What is their workflow like? Is it easy to understand what will be delivered, and when?

       –   Who will be your main contact?  The principle of the firm? An account executive?

       –   How much access will you have to their staff? Limited?  Unlimited?

       –   Will there be regular forms of communication? Such as, project updates and meetings?

4.   How well do they understand technology that is unique to your needs?

       –   If you need packaging, do they understand the various types of packaging manufacturing?

       –   Do they have experience with different types of printing technologies? Can they properly prepare digital artwork required by packaging manufacturers?

       –   Since almost everybody needs a website, can they provide resources for web development or e-commerce, 
if necessary?

No matter what kind of investment you want to make with your creative resources, these questions and considerations can be applied to the individual freelance designer, as well as, a larger creative agency. 

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