Before It Hits the Streets, Give Your Package Design an 8-Point Inspection.

You’ve kicked the tires. You’ve selected the color. You’ve chosen the options. Now your new packaging design is ready to roll out of the showroom and hit the streets in style.

This is the perfect time to slam on the brakes. Why? Because you haven’t yet seen your packaging on a store shelf, as part of an end cap display or in a freezer case. It’s there, my friends, that the rubber really meets the road.

Test Drive Your Mock-up

To accurately evaluate the impact and efficacy your new packaging design, you’ll need a mock-up — a prototype of the actual package in life-size—that you can drive over to a nearby store, place on a shelf and see if it still revs your engine. As you do, try this simple 8-point inspection plan:

  1. Get permission to take pictures of the mock-ups in position on the store shelf to share with other decision makers.
  2. Determine if your packaging stands out against the adjacent competition.
  3. Ask yourself if the package dimensions are appropriate?
  4. Notice if the graphics are well proportioned to the size and shape of the box, bag, bottle or can.
  5. Analyze what element of the package catches your eye first, then second, then third.
  6. If there’s photography, judge how well it communicates the attributes of the product.
  7. Evaluate whether your product description is too long, or not prominent.
  8. Finally, honestly answer the all-important question: Does the packaging encourage me to buy this product now?

Who Rides Shotgun?

OK, so who should attend this little packaging road trip? Well, the person responsible for bringing the product to market, of course. A member of the sales team, no doubt. The creative team leader. And any prominent stakeholder in the brand or product line. But limit it to the number of people who can reasonably fill a five-passenger coupe.

By hitting the brakes early in the design process, you can accelerate the success of your packaging down the road.

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