Change is good.


It’s often a daunting task when making changes to your established brand and package design. Here are some common questions:

If it’s so daunting, then why do it?
Obviously if your brand package is well-established, on trend, and there are no compelling reasons for change, such as a new flavor or formula—then don’t.

However, there are times when specific and exclusive revisions are requested by a major retailer. Perhaps dimensions need to change for better merchandising, or a unique benefit needs to be called out in an effort to increase sales.

What if my customers don’t recognize our product anymore and it gets overlooked?
With an abrupt change there is the possibility of losing customers. However, it may be justified for the following reasons:
– A significant improvement with the product.
– A major change in marketing or distribution.
– A change in corporate.
– Sales getting flat.
– Beginning to lose market share or profits declining.

If you’re updating an existing brand, be sure that it’s not changed beyond recognition. You can make a lot of improvements or updates without losing loyal customers. If you’re updating a label or package, analyze and determine what is most recognizable with your current brand. If you don’t already know, you may need to conduct some brand perception research with your current customers to learn what elements of your branding has the most equity. Contracting with an outside brand research company can bring objectivity to this process. Quite often we are too close to our own brand to make well informed decisions. From online surveys to focus groups, there’s probably a way to gain the needed insight that fits within your time frame and budget.

Once you have gained insight to the perception of your brand in your customers minds, you can better decide how extensive you’re rebranding should be. Such as, should the current color palette remain intact? Or is it only a slight update to the logo? If you are aware of the elements that reflects the legacy of the brand, you can then decide how far you can make updates while maintaining brand recognition.

When should we roll out this new look?
Several scenarios can influence the best time to rollout a refreshed brand. If your product is seasonal, or dependent upon a harvest season, you may need to plan around the next season, based on the product category.

Sometimes planning to reveal a refreshed brand at a specific trade show might be appropriate. Be sure to factor in additional lead-time for advertising, events, and marketing support materials.

Will we have a mix of old and new packaging in distribution?
Most likely depending on sales volume. But it’s not the end of the world. Consumers nowadays are used to seeing their favorite product in various packaging forms during a transition. You can consider running a promotion to move current inventory faster than normal.

What if the package has been updated to reflect current trends, but the contents haven’t changed?
Consider printing a limited run of packaging that calls out the “brand new look with the same great taste”.

Change presents many challenges, but there are many solutions. Coordinating with your marketing, sales, procurement, and production teams as well as your distributors before you start the revisions can make the process much smoother. For planning purposes, be sure to communicate on a regular basis with the various departments and stakeholders during the process. Nobody likes unexpected surprises.

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