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Same-HorseOctober 8, 2015

The Lone Ranger. He’s the rugged individualist of Old West fame who confronted tough challenges with fast action, a quick draw and a “get ‘er done” attitude. Sounds like members of your sales team, right? In fact, when it comes to creating sell sheets, handouts, presentation decks and point-of-sale materials, the typical sales department today is loaded with lone rangers: locked, loaded and aiming to produce materials that don’t always fit your company’s branding standards. But there’s no need for a showdown at high noon. We have a six-shooter full of tips for keeping all your sales cowboys on the same marketing horse.

Tip 1
Realize Your Sales Posse is Under the Gun

No doubt you’d like your company’s brand to be consistently presented to your customers—every time. But realize your sales people are under the gun with schedules, presentations and management expectations. Appreciate their position. Make them your pard’ner. Learn what they believe are the most effective tools needed for sales success. Then saddle up together to get them done.

Tip 2
When Riding a Bucking Bronco, Stay Loose

Inflexibility will get you thrown every time. So create marketing material templates consistent with your corporate identity—then allow individual sales managers flexibility in blending relevant content into those templates.

Tip 3
Be Careful With That Branding Iron

Design standards may be a red hot topic these days, but don’t wield your branding iron indiscriminately. Elements like a consistent set of fonts can work wonders in maintaining brand consistency while giving your sales staff a measure of creative freedom.

Tip 4
It Might Be Their First Rodeo

Don’t expect your sales team to be expert in leveraging creative software such as InDesign or Photoshop. Find out what works best for what they need to accomplish. Powerpoint? Excel sheets? Word docs? Editable templates that are simple to use can take stress away from the sales team—and you.

Tip 5
Rustle Up a Herd of Images

Offer access to an internal online library of pre-approved images and logos that are created in formats that will work with commonly-used software—and make them available to the sales team. For instance, a logo in a PNG format with a transparent background plays well with several Microsoft products.

Tip 6
Gitty Up and Hit the Trail

Time to get on your horse and ride. Schedule a session at the next sales meeting to reacquaint attendees with the importance of consistent brand communication in their sales endeavors. Then offer to guide them—in person or via webinars—through the various ways you’ll help them stay on the trail to success. It’s not about restricting their options, but rather optimizing their achievements.

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